How to make High-resolution Logo Printing on Steel Sheet?


Nowadays, the metal sheet production industry normally makes the logo identity with an ink stamp , the logo is in low resolution and looks not so solid. What's more, it is easy to erase. This is the traditional logo stamping way on the metal sheet including galvanized sheet. color roofing sheet, etc.

“Every galvanized sheet factory eager to make a brand logo printing on the products”, said Mr. Mustak Chauhan, the production supervisor of the factory. “Most of factories use a simple stamp to make the logo printing. The biggest problem of this way is the logo printing is in very low resolution, and some factories produce steel sheet for other brands, means they have to change logo following different customers, then they have to make many stamps. So, a useful logo inkjet printer is quite necessary for the factories”.

So, CYCJET high-resolution inkjet printer is the right alternative of the traditional stamps. What is the main points of CYCET piezo inkjet printer?

Printing Area Size

Vertical max 71mm, Horizontal no limited


Max 400dpi

Printing Speed

Max 80m/min. For max 71mm font, speed will be max 45m/min

Printing Contents

Logo, Barcode, QRcode, products specification, date time.

Ink for Metal Sheet

Solvent-based, UV ink

Ink Drying Time

Within 10 seconds with a small dryer device after printing

Operation Interface

7” color touch panel, USB, RS232, Bluetooth,

Ink Supply

Supply bulk ink, to reduce running cost

Till this moment, CYCJET C700 inline inkjet printing machine has achieve well printing results in the metal sheet factories, such as in Ethiopia, Togo, UAE, etc. Parts of them has spread the metal sheet inkjet printer to their neighbor factories and replace all the traditional stamps. CYCJET will keep doing the best to improve the metal sheet inkjet printing machine , to make it more flexible to more and more customers.

Welcome to call CYCJET to get free high-resolution printer coloring page information and technical support, to learn about the latest printing technology and identification equipment information.

Contact Person: David Guo
Telephone: +86 139 1763 1707(what’s app)


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